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A little hurt from Big Foot.

I have so much to say yet nothing to type. I feel constrained by my emotions and my body is anything but responsive.

Let's recap my summer:


Wait, we can't. How can you document what fails to exist? I hope August will be better.

While flipping through the paper this morning I lurched upon an article that startled me. I'm tentative as to whether the head line or those involved in the story worried me the most. It seems as though in the depths of Yukon certain unnamed individuals have claimed to find Sasquatch hair. Sasquatch hair! The University of Alberta (there's a red flag) has offered its time to analyze and justify the sample. Sure, it's fun and what have you, but honestly. Why are we spending time researching the hair of a mammal that may or may not subsist?

Maybe my perception is too austere and I should be open to such ideas?

Or maybe I'm being realistic.

Holy shit!

Next year this date will arrive: 6/6/6

There's no need to fret. We've already seen the worse of Satan.

Who else could bring Bush into power or escalate our world to this degree of corrupt?

Rest assured. The fire's already been lit up our ass.

4:28 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2005

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