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Dear Mr. President
No intentions to disrupt,
But Vice President Cheney
Is rather hasty and abrupt
No means to intervene
But he’s scheduled you to be cleaned
Hoping you’ll become
The nation’s deadliest machine

And since your policies
Are continually critiqued,
He’s asked of us to polish you
Until you shine and squeak

And even though
There is no excuse
For your authority’s blatant abuse
It appears as though
Several of your screws
Have overtime
Somehow become loose

According to the President,
Pardon me, I mean Vice
Installing a wooden brain
Would be rather wise
Apparently your previous one
Simply did not suffice

And since you’ve been saying
Many a crude things
It’s been suggested
That we tighten up your strings,
Only then you’ll become
Politics’ King of Kings

Lately your mouth
Has been running off,
We’ll firmly fasten it
So that the others won’t scoff
All the inane things that you say
Lessening Cheney’s utter dismay

We’ve also been informed
That Peace has no justified place
So Mr. Cheney’s asked
That we promptly must erase
Your human compassion
And quickly replace
A place for affection
With a military base.

We look forward to seeing you soon
Your appointment is scheduled at half past noon
And once we’re through
You’ll be brand spanking new
Our sincerest regards,
At the Puppet Repair Crew.

I'm bored, so I wrote a poem.

2:15 p.m. - Sunday, Nov. 06, 2005

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