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School's out for summer (nearly)

Exciting. Sort of. I've lost a great deal of my energy, but perhaps that is a good thing. I sprinted off the bus and ran home today, giggling and discussing various plans and ideas to celebrate the last day of school. I arrived home jittery, and shaking so profusely that one could have mistaken me for a being full of enthusiasm and life. Last night was worse. I got called to dinner and climbed the long stairs up towards where my family sat. The whole lot of them, forks in hand, plates set properly, and hungry smiles spread across their faces, they were reminiscent of some sort of portrait. I paused momentarily, nearly expecting them to grow tails and suddenly reveal cards (like that one picture with all the dogs sitting around playing poker), ...they didn't. I took a step into the kitchen, and as soon as I did a spark jolted through and I came to life. I sprang into my seat, rocking back and forth like some addict, and began banging my plate on the table. I stopped only to pick up my cutlery to clang niosily on the perfectly set plates. I had lost control and couldn't figure out why. I felt a smile form on my face, and I could already sense that it looked creepy. I inhaled big gulps of air and waited for the rest of them to take their seats. My mom sat across from me just staring, as if to say "If you don't stop this erratic behaviour RIGHT now, I will". I got the hint and slowly lowered my plate. While they occupied themselves with mindless blithering, Alice Cooper's song echoed in my mind. "School's out for summer. School's out forever." I wish. The sheer thought of knowing that it would all end soon made me laugh...out loud...and in a very creepy way. My mom stopped and stared blanky at me. She no longer was concentrated on telling the rest of us about how her day at work had played out, but had now narrowed her focus on me. Then in a very embarassing outburst that mothers have an innate ability of pulling off, she screamed "Are you doped up? Well? Tell me Yasmin? Are you doped up, because I swear to god if you are.."
"I'm not"
"Then why are you acting so strange?"
"I'm not"
"I'm telling you you're acting strange"
"I'm not"
Her strength faded and turned to concern;
"I'm worried. So you're not...?"
"I'm not"
I wasn't.
Finish eating salad, put away plates, flee downstairs to avoid family which obviously (and inconsiderately) made me inherit stupid, creepy genes.
By the way, who the fuck says 'doped up'?!

10:08 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 16, 2005

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