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Rain drops keep falling on my head...

I just arrived home about an hour or so, after dining out to the eloquent cuisine offered at Lucianos (alright it's far from eloquent but it was better than the froot loops I had originally planned on munching on). My mom offered to take my grandfather and I out to dinner and we couldn't refuse, the only problem was the persistent rain pounding outside washing over freshly cut lawns and threatening to sail over homes and flood basements. It was raining rather hard when we left and it only got worse on our way home. Before arriving at destination doom (my house. Why did I call it that? That was uncalled for. I apologize)we stopped off at safeway to buy some bread (if your on the atkins diet perhaps I failed to mention to look away?). My mom parked the car and ran off inside as I tried to hand her an umbrella through the window, but it got wedged and from the outside it looked as though someone in the backseat was getting mauled or attacked by some lunatic. The only lunatic was me desperately trying to pull the umbrella back in by rattling it profusely. I finally had to open the door, with umbrella steadily fastened to the window, and yank it out from the front of the car. With good reason, I tucked the (very wet) umbrella under my arm and hurried back inside the car, slamming the door shut before sinking back into my seat. Once I suspected that all those who had seen my ordeal had gone astray, I rose up and watched the rain drops race down my window. Becuase that's what they do, they race. The drops are still and ready until a silent command is given and then they're off, sliding down the glass in an attempt to see who will reach the bottom first with out getting engulfed by some other giant drop hurdling down. As I watched the tiny beads flow, I heard soft murmuring from the front seat. My grandfather, explaining to me something about his new camera, granted I'm a photo junkie and art enthusiast, I was in too deep a trance to pay much attention. I mostly nodded and occasionally added "Really?" in an excited tone that implied I wanted to hear more. I didn't. I just wanted to watch the rain fall and nothing else.

Sheer bliss.

8:55 p.m. - Friday, Jun. 17, 2005

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