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Float like a feather.

I’m uncertain of why these thoughts are wandering through my mind, but I am persuaded to chase their meaning.

Alright. Many of us see the aspects of all that affects us as positive and negative. For example; you sneak out of the house and arrive the next morning with a hangover only to pass it off as a ‘stress headache’. This action influences you in constructive terms…Sort of. Actually, I make atrocious analogies so I’ll just stop. But anyhow, when you view things as black and white, positive and negative you’re bound to arrive at a definitive conclusion (which in its own is a travesty because it’s a shame to overlook the ‘gray’ and ‘middle ground’).

The majority of us opt to separate basic substances or influences into these categories.
I knew I promised to discontinue my analogies but I truly need to sort my thoughts and it is after all my own diary. I bet Jill is already bored.

Right. I hope these examples will illustrate my point:
Light, dark. Warmth, cool. Pleasure, pain. Lightness, weight.
The first half of my examples are more often than not positioned tactlessly into a positive sub-category (light, warmth, pleasure, lightness) whilst the second half is listed under negative (dark, cool, pain, weight).

My problem is that without the latter the later would lose its significance. And after all, aren’t situations with weight often most valued in our lives? If a memory is not heavy enough to remain planted within our mind, it is compelled to rise and lose itself like a helium balloon soaring upwards through the sky.

So my real point, if any, is that it’s thoughtless to divide features of our lives, because both sides reflect the other.

Ahem…And now I’ll resume my presumptuous life as another trivial teen.

Let’s shop then fuck.

10:55 p.m. - Monday, Jul. 25, 2005

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