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1.I know you're waiting for me to talk to you, but I can't. I really want to, but I feel bad. I like that you like me, but maybe that's all that I like. You're too good to have a crush on me; I'm not what you expect. I'm so frustrated that you're frustrated by me; I'm sorry I lead you on. I'm sorry I mess with your head. But I can't get close to you. I can't get close to anyone. If things are going too well I figure we've reached the peek of perfection and the only direction left to go is in a downward spiral. You don't know this, but I know that you stay up for me. It's very sweet but, I'm a letdown. I'm not worth it. It isn't fair to you that I'm toying with your emotions. I DON'T MEAN TO. I HONESTLY DON'T MEAN TO.

2. Oh, boy. First off, what did "sorry about last night mean?". Unless you were referring to like 3 nights ago when I called you drunk and told you I have a boyfriend. I don't. Sorry. But at least when I was drunk, I was able to tell you everything I've been wanting to say for so long. All that tension was released. You've liked me for a year and a half, but I don't fucking know you. You don't fucking know me. Just get back with your ex. But I regret the way I abruptly told you. I could hear the disappointment in your voice and immediately afterwards, I felt remorseful; submerged in guilt. STOP SAYING SORRY! YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG, I DID. But I can't even apologize, because I don't want to talk with you.

3. HAHAHAH "soulmates"
Yeah, maybe in some warped parallel universe. No, I'm kidding. You're pretty sweet, but don't come to me expecting me to fulfill the role of your rebound girlfriend.

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1:22 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007

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