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Am I the only one who continues to use diaryland (as sporadic as my employment of the site may be)? At the very least, I must be the only one who stays up until 5 (edit: 4:59...fuck, I hate when things are one number off from being what they're so obviously meant to be. Like unfulfilled destiny) writing in my diaryland.

My last entry was so so so so so heartless. I'm so stupid and reckless with people's emotions. Every time a guy tells me he likes me, I feel like I need to include a disclaimer about all my flaws. I'm like those ads they run about miracle drugs with the sped up side-effects and run-on list of health precautions at the end.

I'm going to be 19 very soon and I've never had a real relationship, but it's not even my priority. I honestly loathe relationships. Why, why do I as a young person need to commit myself to someone else when at this point in time, I need to focus on myself. Fuck off. Honestly.

Note: Angela Chase, never has a 15 year-old been so wise. Impart me more with your so called life sagely know-how. Photobucket

Whoa, totally in my second year of university. Totally heading nowhere. Totally dropped my Law class because my professor drooled and spat and had an ass the size of the moon. Totally exaggerating (not about the ass, though). I dropped law because it made me realize how I do not want my hands caught in the sticky mess of a cookie jar that is bureaucracy. I couldn't even spell it. I needed Firefox to correct me. It's sad when a program that recognizes the words "nigger", "chink" and "spic" as okay, points out my ignorance and "corrects" me. Firefox is self-righteous Christian that tries to convert gays, of the internet.

I'm thinking I should sleep. I have to get up at 11:30. If a train leaves the station at 45 m/h and Yasmin has to be up in aprx 6 and a half hours, what are her chances of being a hot tranny (trainy) mess.

I feel more confident at 18 (soon to be 19..and then 20...oh god, and then 40 eeeek! Kind of excited to become a cougar, though. Meow, meow) I don't know if it's complete self-assurance (for sure not) but it's being confident enough to recognize my faults and be alright with them.

I already know that once I get married, I will be divorced. I just envision it so crystal clear. It's odd and reassuring at the same time to anticipate such a notion. But I know it will happen, I can just feel it. So I'm going to stave off having kids in the first marriage and wait until the second.

I just want to marry my gay best friend (this is assuming that my life were a sitcom and I actually had a gay best friend).

5:16. Five sex teen. Five sexy teens. It's R.Kelly's dream and a lasting thought that will give me nightmares as I attempt to go to bed.


4:59 a.m. - Friday, Sept. 19, 2008

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